UPDATE: There's MORE video! ANOTHER just synced, and... wow, you have to see these things. You have to see this place. It's ridiculous. It's amazing. Who IS this girl? And where IS she?! Here's the first videohere's the second. Here's the Third. Watch them. Trust me. 

This started when I picked up my new tablet. They said it was new, not a refurb. But when I opened the photo album, all these photos were already on it

I called the company. I wanted to know why I'd clearly been sent a refurbished tablet when I'd paid for new. The customer service rep put me on hold.   

I was on hold for a really long time, and then finally someone picked up. But it was a different person this time. It was a woman. She said she was sorry that I’d been on hold for such a long time, and she said she could tell that it was bothering me. And I said yes, that I just wanted to know what was happening, and why these photos and videos were on my new tablet. And she said she wished she could help, but I’d have to figure it out on my own.   

“Thank you for trying to find me,” she said. “Please keep trying.” And she hung up.

I tried calling back, but no one seems to know who she is. And the tablet keeps updating with more photos. Maybe the Internet can help me find her? Here's what's been synced so far. I'll update if and when there's more.